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Brad Prevedoros is renowned for his exuberant live performances, original compositions and innovative interpretation of works by other composers. His guitar style has been described as: “An impeccable display of virtuosity, sureness of touch and a feeling of jazz improvisation drawing clearly on a classical background”.

While in his early teens Brad taught himself guitar basics by rote, playing along with the vinyl 45s and LPs of the progressive rock and jazz artists he admired most. Early on he realized his two most important musical passions; the joy of playing a nylon string guitar and improvisation. These two passions led him to discover the music of the acoustic jazz group Oregon, one of the predecessors of today’s world music movement, and specifically Ralph Towner, Oregon’s guitarist, keyboardist and principal composer. In 1978 Brad took part in an intensive six week workshop taught by Oregon at Naropa Institute in Colorado. Here he studied Ralph Towner’s unique approach to guitar, composition and improvisation and attended theory classes with Naropa’s resident composer and keyboardist Bill Douglas. Brad culminated his musical training the early 1980s at Capilano College in North Vancouver where he studied jazz composition, arranging and recording techniques. The traditional approach to jazz theory taught at Capilano College combined with Oregon’s free approach to improvisation, Bill Douglas’s attention to melodic detail and Ralph Towner’s holistic guitar technique are the key elements that have led to what is now Brad’s own definitive style.

With twenty five years of touring, 200 performances a year and a half a million recordings sold, the guitarist continues to win audience approval appealing to all ages.

In 2000, the title track from his recording "Firedance" was selected to be in the "Best Of The West" collector's edition titled "Go West - A Vital Collection Of Western Canadian Music". Brad Prevedoros’ next album “In Motion” was nominated for a 2003 Western Canadian Music Award for Instrumental Album of the Year. In 2006, through public vote, Brad won Vancouver Island’s Monday Magazine Performer’s award. Tracks of his recordings have been included in over thirty music compilations throughout the world. His original compositions have been used in many television, theatre and commercial video productions. In 2010 Hal Leonard Music published a book of his Celtic and folk arrangements.



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